"When presented with the opportunity to work with a life coach, I was uncertain about my need for one. I consider myself successful in my career, family life and spiritual life. Why would I need a life coach; wasn't life good enough? Answer: wrong. Good enough is not always the best. Life coaching has helped me to understand that "good enough" doesn't even scratch the surface of my utmost potential or deepest desires.
Working with LaToya, I am transforming the “good enough” me into the person I most desire to be. I am unlocking my most inner passions and talents as I journey through life more focused and aware. LaToya challenges me to reflect and rediscover who I am and who I want to be. My work with her is not easy but life changing, powerful and empowering. She offers guidance, support, and honest feedback that help me in living life. I could not imagine life without a coach motivating me to achieve my goals.”
-Marie S., Queens, NY

"LaToya has a great feel for people and a genuine passion for coaching people up to their potential and then more. Her style and technique is one that focuses on meeting people where they are in life and elevating them to the next level. She truly provides a very positive experience."
-David A., Kissimmee, FL

"She is a great asset to any community, no matter the race, age or gender. LaToya helps people to reveal their strengths, talents and abilities. By the time you are done with just one session with her, you would have felt like you have truly "unlocked your hidden treasure"...I recommend her services to anyone."
-Shaquana V., Triangle, VA